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Welcome to NJDANCE - Classes for those who love to dance!

Offering quality and relaxed dance training for children and adults. 

All classes have the same approach - full of fun, enthusiasm, creativity, confidence building, encourages individuality and the enjoyment of dance. All classes are non exam based.

Founded by Natasha in August 2018. "What started off as just an idea became more than I ever imagined'! - Natasha.

'Summer School' was the first holiday club for dancers to attend in August 2018. A five week booking where children were taught tap, ballet and modern plus a short dance in each style for a big performance on the final week. 

This developed into multiple workshops, holiday clubs and regular weekly classes for children aged as young as two, right up to adults.

The future of NJDANCE is very exciting and the goal is to bring classes that are affordable and exciting. NJDANCE is all about having a passion for dance, wanting fun and making happy memories that last a lifetime.

NJDANCE continues to grow and expand each year.

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