Here at NJDANCE we are incredibly lucky to have a creative team to bring all our classes and events to life!

Together we have a lot of fun and LOVE to share all of our ideas and plans with our NJDANCE family.

Miss Tasha

– Owner –

Ballet, Tap & Commercial Teacher

Ex-professional dancer. Qualified dance, Acro and Pilates instructor.

Licensed chaperone.

Miss Grace

– All things acrobatic & stretchy! –

AcroDance Teacher

An experienced gymnast and qualified gymnastics coach.

Backstage Co-ordinator for Events.


– The idea maker and commercial advisor! –

Musical Director

Co-founder and partner to Natasha.

Licensed chaperone and Events Manager.


– The boss of everyone! –

Head Chaperone

Mum to Natasha. Usually found backstage looking after everyone and cleaning up!

Licensed chaperone.


– All round good egg & craft Queen! –


Events planner, dancer and a longtime friend of Natasha.



Licensed chaperone.

Nanny Carol


Licensed chaperone.



Front of House


Miss Molly

– Queen of keeping everyone organised! –

Ballet, Tap & AcroDance Teacher

An experienced dancer with a natural passion for teaching.

Dance Co-ordinator for Events.

Miss Chloe

– Our very own songbird! –

Musical Theatre Teacher

Along with her own love of the theatre, she is also a dancer within NJDANCE.

A director for local plays and productions.

Techy Tom

– He’s a bit techy! –

Website & Technical Manager

 Tom can usually be found ‘front of house’ at all our events.

Tom also helps to plan all of our Events.


– Master baker and event planner! –

Head Chaperone

Events planner, dancer, proud Mum and best friend to Natasha.

Fay also helps with the NJDANCE admin. Licensed chaperone.


– The REAL boss! –

Stage Manager

Sophie is in charge! She makes sure that everyone is where they need to be!



Licensed chaperone.

Nanny Watts



Front of House