What are Acrobatics?

Acrobatic Arts or “Acro” is the fusion of dance technique, athleticism, agility and strength through acrobatic skills that are seamlessly incorporated into dance choreography.


What is AcroDance?

This dance style combines classical ballet and jazz techniques with fluid movements and tricks such as cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, backbends and the splits. It is a physically demanding style that requires you to build great strength, control and flexibility.


What do you do in AcroDance?

During AcroDance classes your child will be taught and trained in skills such as flexibility, strength, and control to perform tricks, balances, and tumbling. Each class will begin with a warmup to target the different muscles and ligaments in the body that will be used during the class. Strength and conditioning training to build up the strength, technique and stamina to execute the tricks or moves plus flexibility and limbering coaching to prevent injury during the class and to work towards achieving and maintaining the desired shape and movement needed. This is then combined with stylised choreography and music to create a visually impressive AcroDance routine.


What Acro skills will be taught?

As a class for beginners, they will work on basic specific skills for this level including splits, bridges, lever holds, headstand, elbow stand, handstand, handstand forward roll, fish roll, tornado, backward roll to handstand, handstand to bridge, forward walkover, back bend & kick-over, back walkover, cartwheel, cartwheel with 1-arm, round-off and side aerial.


Will we complete or takes exams?

Only if the children want to. This will be offered to the individual and their family when the time is right for that child. The main goal is to build confidence, enjoy the process and learn some fun stuff along the way!


45 minutes class.

Starting age – Year 1 (age 5+).

Fees & Payment:

Billed half termly via Square – £4.75 per lesson


With prior arrangement a trial class is always welcome, no drop-ins accepted.

The cost of a trial is £4.75 billed prior to attendance.