– Owner and fun maker! –

Ex-professional dancer and qualified dance, Acro and Pilates instructor. Licensed chaperone.


– The idea maker and commercial advisor! –

Co-founder and partner to Natasha. Licensed chaperone.


– Master baker and event planner! –

Committee member, dancer, proud Mum and best friend to Natasha. Fay also helps with the NJDance admin.


– Head seamstress and all round good egg! –

Committee member, dancer and event planner. Frances is also a longtime friend of Natasha.


– He’s a bit techy! –

Committee member and all things technical. Tom can usually be found ‘front of house’ at all our events.

Miss M

– For when Natasha is in a delegating mood! –

Teaching assistant and Competition Team member. Megan loves to dance and really shines on stage. She can also be seen at any of our NJDance parties.

Miss Molly

– Keeping everyone organised! –

Teaching assistant and Dance Co-ordinator for all of our events. Molly is an experienced dancer and keeps everything ticking along backstage.

Miss Grace

– All things acrobatic & stretchy! –

Acrodance assistant and qualified gymnastics coach. Grace is an experienced gymnast and enjoys passing on her knowledge to our Acro class.